Thursday, 11 December 2014

Winter-Loves and Winter-Hates

What are your favourite things in winter? People at this time of year like to have their own little nick nacks that help them through the cold winter months. Here are a few of mine! I've added a few that i want to try this winter too! You've gotta love Pinterest!

1. Scarfs!
2. Military boots
3. Jumpers/sweaters
4. Pumpkin spice *I will try a coffee from Starbucks
5. A warm bed in the morning
6. Reality TV (Kardashians, DVF, Botched etc)
7. A winter scent (something warm, woody and masculine)
8. Mocha
9. City decorations
10. of course this has to go on there.....Christmas!

I didn't want to miss the chance to also put the things I hate about winter!

1. Its freezing
2. Waiting for a bu/train/tram in the cold
3. rain
4. wind
5. slipping and sliding on ice while walking (living life on the edge there)
6. Having all technology be the temperature of ice
7. The days are short

What are yours?

#winterloves #winterhates