Thursday, 2 April 2015

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A Sunday in Sheffield.

It started with waking up at 7am. A sunny day that I knew would turn into a blur once it was over. It's show day and I started the day manufacturing the final dress. This turned out to be a life saving idea later on.

I arrive dat the venue, Soyo Bar in Sheffield at 2pm. The day was filled with nerves, smiles, fittings, make up meetings and run throughs. It was interesting to make connections with models and get to talk with them about future work. This resulted in me being able to have 7 new potential models for runways and campaigns! In particular I have one that I have already asked to work with in an up and coming project with more details coming soon!

It was a great day. The outfits looked amazing, even if I do say so myself and it was then that I felt like a real designer. Only then. It felt real. Getting to see the clothing that I have slaved over for such a long time for on women, seeing them fit, seeing the women smile and compliment the looks simply warmed my heart. It made me feel proud of what I had accomplished. After the fitting was complete I had time to become organised. I had the opportunity to finalise my line up and work out who was changing into what next and if it was at all possible. Shoes sorted along with hair and make meant that we were free to sit and relax for a little bit. This was around 5.30pm.

It was at this point that I thought to myself 'this is what every designer had to do. This is what Coco had to do'. Each great label started somewhere. Yes it was only a small collection. But it was made out of love and each garment had the right amount of care and attention that it deserved. It was also at this point where I started to feel scared. Scared of the fact that there was a possibility that no one would turn up. Sharing this moment with non of the people closest to me was something I was scared of.  A feeling that if I'm honest isn't too new to me.

People started arriving at 7pm and it turned out that the first two people through the door were my parents. This was great as it meant that I had the chance to talk to them and it was nice to feel the support. The room started to fill and it was time for the first runway show to begin. I was the last designer to show a collection and I was happy with this arrangement. It meant that my looks would be the freshest on people minds.

9.15pm and my models were all dressed and ready to go in their first looks. It felt like I had a butterfly nest in my stomach. Look after look my collection was shown and to walk out and feel the applause from the audience was simply amazing.

After the show I got the chance to network with people in the audience and I made a business connection with a potential new event sponsor. The event was put on by Eleganza Events and helped raise £335 for Sheffield Children's Hospital.

An amazing experience.

You can shop the collection now! Use the links below with more of the looks being added very soon!

Draped top with a herringbone pencil skirt 

Seedling print shift dress

Ikat print shift dress

Black shift dress

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