Monday, 29 September 2014

LA Skin Care Review



Last week I visited Olympia Beauty in London and although I don't work in beauty it's always nice to see another industry and who doesn't like a good few pampering products?! Whilst going around the stalls I found LA Skin Care which is a skin care brand from Sheffield! (woo!). I admit that I've not got model skin and  that it could be much better. I was looking for a solution throughout the day and this one hit the mark!

The issue I have with my skin is simply that its a little too oily causing blackheads. Not fantastic and something I've been trying to solve for a while now with many different brands and products but to no such luck. After talking about the brand and the products I found three I wanted to take a chance on.

I decided to focus on three essentials that I knew I could commit too and ones that Louisa (brand founder) recommended for my skin. I purchased the Facial Cleanser, Facial Sugar Scrub and a Hyaluronic Moisturiser. I have used them all for a week now, day and night, and I'm already seeing amazing results! My skin is much less oily and as for my black heads there are no where near as severe as they were! I'm on my way to being blackhead clear finally! These three are great for me too as I'm not much of a morning person if I'm honest and I like that its a simple regime I can stick too and still see results.

This brand for me is like a god send. The products are all naturally inspired, delicious for my skin and best of all animal friendly! A little goes a long way too meaning great value for money. Which is great with everyone's wallets and purses being a little tighter now! An amazing Sheffield brand and one that is definitely one to try, love and share!

What's your beauty regime? Let me know and comment below!

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