Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A Whole New Look



New Look is British fashion brand that is known for its affordability and great women's wear. However, did you know that they also have menswear too? No? not surprising as this isn't a well known fact but that is about to change!

On a recent visit to a New Look store in Meadowhall in Sheffield I was shown around the new men's range and their new approach to men's fashion. The brand is predominantly a women's fashion retailer with a huge shoe range. I mean, its epic. After going around the range, learning and loving, it shocked me why people aren't aware of this and why it isn't as popular as I think it should be. Then I started to think back to when I used to visit New Look when I was around 13 and I can remember the range of men's fashion available being very mix matched. The yester year of fashion for the brand is gone now with a full on amazing collection of amazing fashion.

I was amazed be the growth of the men's department and I was so excited to see that the store has looked and dedicated time to the range. A real passion came through as we chatted about everything from the past, how men shop, my thoughts and their plans for the future. The thought of shop by trend and I love that each trend has a different guy name. Such as Alex for the Vinyl "fashion forward" trend, Jack for the Sports trend and Tom for Geek Chic. After plenty of notes being made it was time for the really fun bit! The try on! I asked Alex, the Men's wear Expert at New Look Meadowhall, to choose some pieces from the range that he liked and thought would look good together and I would then try them on and we could take some photos.

The rail of clothes emerged and it looked fab from the get go. We took the rail to the dressing room and the clothes really started to show themselves off. The quality and the fit of these clothes has really sky rocketed from my experience in the past. In a matter of fact I was originally wearing black super skinny jeans anyway that day and Alex had picked a pair out for me to try on and they fitted even better than mine did! Not to mention the stunning fit of everything else on that rail! I bought he two scarfs you see in the photo's. Worn them every day since!

I think I've covered the fantastic quality, fit and range that the store offers but what I would also like to day is the amazing, un-beatable customer service I was given during my visit. With big smiles, warm welcomes and a "nothing is too  much trouble" approach, the team made me feel so welcome and even part of the New Look family. All of them were also very stylish too. After being treated like a king for a good few hours and having a great chat with everyone I can see amazing things happening with the New Look men's range. I know where I'm going when pay day comes! Not to mention Christmas!

Here's the photos from the day. Check out the Meadowhall Sheffield store today! I can guarantee you'll be very happy you did. Remember, to "Always Be Classic".

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See you next time!