Wednesday, 8 October 2014

How To Wear Sparkle This Season


Every girl likes to sparkle right? But sometimes it can feel like too many accessories and it can make the whole outfit look ruined, over worked and like its trying too hard to be pretty. This season tackles that issue and designers have created ways to make women sparkle in a much more effortless way!

Gem's, sequins and beads galore. Designers such as Balenciaga, Marni, Gucci and more have incorporated these into the garments already meaning that the look is already accessorised for you! No fuss. I love this idea. It means women can just throw on their bejewelled sweater or top and walk out of the door (hopefully with more on than just the sweater or top!) and your already effortlessly glamorous! Designers have clustered the jewels to add extra punch. Be ready to sparkle more than a vampire out of Twilight with this stunning new trend.

Pair with mixes of texture for added style! Add a faux fur trim coat and boots and you've got a stunning autumn and winter 14 look! Happy autumn!

#Sparkle #AW14

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